James Keogh

Industry expert

 James Keogh

James Keogh

John Sisk & Sons , senior project manager

Since graduating from Trinity College Dublin in 1997, James working solely for Civil Engineering Contractors in both the Republic of Ireland and the UK

He has delivered a diverse portfolio of Civil Engineering and building projects including rail projects, highways, public realm and residential developments.

James has gained experience design optioning, solution selection, managing design process as well as on site delivery.

The projects delivered by James have required a diverse geotechnical solutions for bridge construction and retention in both permanent and temporary conditions, including contiguous piled walls, traditional FRC, gabions, reinforced earth, soil nailed slopes, crib walls, Precast driven.

James has experience in large diameter Rotary piles, CFA, Sheet and precast driven, all techniques bringing their own challenges on site.  

The A19 project has been one of the more challenging to date, involving the construction of three top down bridges and over 700 linear meters of contiguous piled walls, whilst maintaining traffic of over 80K movements a day through the junction.

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