ASUC is an independent trade association originally formed by a number of leading contractors to promote professional and technical competence within the subsidence industry. Membership has now been extended to include a comprehensive range of specialist domestic services in: subsidence repair and underpinning, retrofit basement construction and engineered foundation solutions.

ASUC members can offer an ASUC insurance-backed Guarantee on all the works carried out under contract. ASUC guarantees improve on the usual insolvency guarantees because they are a direct contract between the underwriting insurance company and the ultimate client, and therefore not dependent upon the trading company still if a claim is made.

ASUC now has three forms of insurance warranties. The ASUC suite of three warranties are latent defects insurance each with a unique place in the market, and there is no need to prove negligence.

Speak to the experts before you start any project involving basement construction, engineered foundations, underpinning, or structural repairs.

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