KOREC specialises in providing measurement solutions, surveying equipment and mapping systems for the UK and Ireland. Our areas of expertise include the provision of a wide range of Trimble instruments and software for monitoring the measurement of motion over time. This discipline plays a vital role in project safety and management by providing accurate information on exactly what is moving and by how much. These solutions meet a wide range of project requirements from post-processed deformation measurement to real-time automated monitoring.

Trimble solutions are scalable and therefore suitable for any size of project from the smallest to the largest.  They are also fully customisable with options to combine instruments and software with external geotechnical sensors.

We will be showcasing key instruments for any monitoring program including Trimble’s high accuracy S9 Robotic Total Station, the SX10 Scanning Total Station (combining surveying, imaging and high speed 3D scanning in one instrument) and the affordable M1 Total Station along with easy to use software.

We are proud to be one of the largest and most successful Trimble distributors in the world.

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